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Now Blooming in My Garden, San Jose, CA

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Above: California Wild Lilac and Santa Barbara Daisy, both low in water use.

Lupinus succulentus 'Rodeo Rose' California native hybrid

Lupinus succulentus ‘Rodeo Rose,’ a California Native Hybrid Lupine which self sows–even in gravel, this year also sowed itself in the container above–how convenient!


Rosmarinus officinalis, quite happily blooming in an 18″ container, beloved by bees and amazingly similar in bloom color and form to our California Native Wild Lilac above and below.

Above: A bee enjoys a potted California Wild Lilac before its friends arrive. California Wild Lilac is a favorite of local and European bees throughout California. It is evergreen and can be long-lived if it is not watered during the summer.

All this beauty and spring has just sprung! TTFN!



Blooms, California Native Plants, Fall Color, Low Water Plants, Native Gardens, Pollinators

California Native Garden Plants – Fall Color


Tired of planting the “same-o, same-o flowers” for fall color? Mums are wonderful, it’s true, but how about a less thirsty change of pace? Try these California Native plants needing less water:

Helianthus annuus (Delta Sunflower or Common Sunflower)

Helianthus annuus (Delta Sunflower or Common Sunflower)

St. Catherine's Lace or Saint Catherine's Lace

Eriogonum giganteum (St. Catherine’s Lace) in the spring with a happy bee! And, below in the fall, a close-up of this buckwheat’s back side and rusty fall color. It turns pinkish in-between! I’ll have to remember to add that photo next year.

St. Catherine's Lace or Saint Catherine's Lace

Eriogonum giganteum (St. Catherine's Lace) fall color

Lollipop Flower

Helenium puberulum (Autumn Lollipop or Lollipop)* *Warning – Poisonous if ingested*

Bees flock to any of the above bloomers. Here is one now:

What are your favorite fall-blooming natives (California or otherwise)?


BEE Entertained!

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Bee Gardens are easily designed as water-wise gardens and are a great way to help support the dwindling bee populations. Read this wonderful article about our buzzing buddies, featured on the front page by fellow California Native Garden fan, Debbie Ballantine. Spoiler alert: The last photo features one of my native garden designs!