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Mid-Century Modern Garden Design – Landscape Photos – Before and After Photos

Below are “Before and After” photos of a recent rear yard and side garden renovation design taken shortly after installation. Design by owner/designer Leslie Peluso of L. A. Peluso Designs. Each “Before” photo is above the appropriate “After” photo. The captioned gallery at the end contains closeups after installation. The plant palette includes California native plants Salvia clevelandii (commonly known as Cleveland Sage), Heteromeles arbutifolia (commonly known as Toyon), Rhamnus californica ‘Mound San Bruno’ (commonly known as Mound San Bruno Coffeeberry), and Achillea millefolium (commonly known as Yarrow). A lush, no-mow and low-water native sod from Delta Bluegrass was included to add a resting place for the eye and a lusher look. For photos of the front yard landscape design of this renovated Mid-Century Modern home, please see the Portfolio tab of L. A. Peluso Designs located here. Photography by Jewel Photography of Sacramento.

Side Yard – Before
Side Yard – After
Rear Patio – Before
Rear Patio – After
Meadow – Before
Meadow – After
Patio from Meadow Looking at Rear House Facade – Before
Patio from Meadow Looking at Rear House Facade – After
Closeup of meadow garden design featuring Native Mow Free (TM) sod available through Delta Bluegrass – L. A. Peluso Designs
Closeup of Achillea millefolium
Lovely existing Japanese maple
Closeup of flowers on Rhamnus californica [Frangula californica] ‘Mound San Bruno,’ a California native plant selection – L. A. Peluso Designs
Another view of the rear garden design from its side entrance – L. A. Peluso Designs

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