California – Mediterranean Fusion Garden

Fire Pit
The entertainment space in this Mediterranean-California fusion garden in San Jose, California, includes a fire pit and dining area. Creeping thyme grows in the seams between the concrete slabs creating the patio surface.
California native plants and Mediterranean plants blend well together.
Utility cart
Potted succulents dress up a utility cart. The pot on the left holds a huckleberry and a blueberry which naturally bonzai themselves. Hydrangea is in the foreground.
Salad Jumble
A variety of salad greens in a raised bed.
Pacific Coast Hybrid Candytuft
Pacific Coast Hybrid iris and Candytuft.
Jade & Hydrangea
Potted Lacecap Hydrangea and a jade bonzai.
These roses have been deep watered since they were planted and have adapted to an infrequent, deep watering schedule.
Salvia Nandina Hopseed 'Saratoga'
Left to right – Salvia clevelandii, Nandina ‘Gulf Stream,’ and Hopseed Bush ‘Saratoga.’
Hardenbergia Iceberg Hardy Geranium
Hardy Geranium, and Iberis sempervirens (Candytuft), as ground cover. Rosa ‘Iceberg’ and Hardenbergia vine soften the concrete hardscape.

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