Going Native Garden Tour, 2011

A California Native garden in San Jose, CA, featured in the “Going Native Garden Tour.” Two types of Wild Lilac (groundcover ‘Diamond Heights’ and ‘Ray Hartman’ trained as a small tree), Artemesia, and Coffeeberry, create an aromatic plant combination.
California natives
California natives Sticky Monkey, Buckwheat, Salvia, Poppies, and Coyote Mint, among others, surround the bird bath to create a wildlife habitat, butterfly and bee garden, and this peaceful view from a glider love-seat.
Ceanothus ‘Ray Hartman’ trained as a small tree is a spectacular focal point visible from the homeowner’s bedroom window. Behind it is an elderberry tree.
California natives
Flanking the permeable pebble path are California Island Bush Poppy, Creeping Sage, Penstemon, and Cleveland Sage, among others.
California wildflowers
California annual wildflowers in front of a wood screen designed to hide an air-conditioner from view.

“The amount of wildlife drawn is remarkable.  I’ve seen many new types of birds, bees, and even lizards come to the garden where none were before. Leslie made sure the views from my windows are lovely and I very much enjoy being out among the fragrant plants.”

Yvonne T., San Jose

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