San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2012

PLANit Green exhibit – San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2012. The hardscape primarily featured dry-stacked recycled urbanite. Flagstone slabs provided by Lyngso Garden Materials functioned as steps onto the permeable gravel deck surface.
Photo by MB Maher
Gold Medal Winning Garden – In collaboration with David Brenner of Habitat Horticulture, who created four living columns for the West Valley College Landscape Architecture Club’s “PLANit Green” exhibit. The four columns represented the four classical earth elements: Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. The garden was created by members of the Club (Jeanne Eige, Julia Bell, Martin Fregoso, Hip Delgado, Thea French, and Jesus Mora), led by Club President, Leslie Peluso, as lead designer. Photo by MB Maher.
Earth Column
Earth Column | Photo by MB Maher
Water column
Water column | Photo by Zach Todd Photography
Wind column
Wind column | Photo by Zach Todd Photography
Fire column
Fire column | Photo by Zach Todd Photography