“I’m amazed at the number of compliments from visitors and neighbors, including a landscape designer I’d never met. Plus I love the new garden myself. Not only does it look great, it’s much easier to take care of than what was in place before (the landscape maintenance man even lowered his fee a bit). Leslie’s design complements the architecture of the house, which is one of her goals; the house itself looks better than it has in the 48 years I’ve lived here. She also stayed on top of the installation very effectively. I’m more than satisfied. Thanks, Leslie!”

Ann Lambrecht, Menlo Park

“We hired Leslie to help us with a low water Mediterranean design plan for our front and back yards. She has an incredible eye for landscape design. She listened to all our likes and dislikes and came up with a beautiful design. She guided us throughout the City Rebate process, suggested professionals to execute the plan and places to purchase decorative elements. Leslie is knowledgeable, creative, timely, and a pleasure to work with. She is well connected and well respected in the industry. Both front and back yards have turned out AMAZING!!”

Mr. & Mrs. Morrone, Willow Glen

“It was a pleasure working with Leslie. She listened well and really got the essences of my preferences and style. Her ability to look at the property as a whole really made the design cohesive. We’re loving our yard and enjoying it daily. Thanks Leslie.”

Paula Stapleton, Willow Glen

“Given the challenges of our home layout, Leslie was great at teaching us some landscape concepts such as entry sequence, balance, proportion and style, helping us to understand why we were so frustrated with what we had. She listened to our wants and priorities, especially how to tear out our front lawn and transition to incorporating our existing fruit trees with California native plantings. She was mindful of our budget constraints and our willingness to do much ourselves. She gave us the framework we needed to enhance the look of our property and create a welcoming entryway. We LOVE the way it looks. We enjoy spending time gardening there. We’ve been surprised at all the neighbors’ compliments. We got more than our money’s worth.”

Ida and Rich, Willow Glen

“Leslie took my very basic ideas and turned them into a beautiful space that made sense and was exactly what we wanted. Everyone is amazed when they see it. Even a  friend who is a professional graphic designer said it looked like a yard from Sunset Magazine!”

Julie A., Sacramento

“The amount of wildlife drawn to the garden since it’s completion is remarkable. I’ve seen many new types of birds, bees, and even lizards come to the garden where none were before. Leslie made sure the views from my windows are lovely and I very much enjoy being out among the fragrant plants.”

Yvonne T., San Jose

“I really enjoy working with Leslie. We are converting our lawns to drought-tolerant landscaping. At the start of our project, she asked questions that got me thinking about what I really wanted in a garden and then we talked and she listened. She encouraged me to research and really paid attention to my preferences in palette, plant forms and textures. She delivered her designs very quickly and has been a tremendous resource for vendor sourcing, general tips for our project, and encouragement. Highly recommended.”

Kristin B., San Jose

“Leslie was very attentive to our preferences and asked many questions to ensure the design matched our desires. We went through a couple of iterations of design mockups, each getting us closer to what we wanted. For a fixed price, my wife and I felt we got a great landscape design. Leslie took care of the city approvals since the design had to meet the city’s drought-resistant requirements. Leslie procured the plants directly from the nurseries with discounts. Leslie also helped our gardener place the plants in the right place. Bottom line, I did not have to worry about the outcome. Our front yard now looks fully grown and a pleasure to see every day. I would recommend Leslie to anyone with landscape design projects.”

Gerard B., Willow Glen

“While having a very large palm tree removed from our front yard our original walkway was damaged beyond repair. We decided to take the opportunity to re-think our front yard with an eye to updating the design and installing more drought tolerant plants. Since our budget was small we wanted to hire a landscape designer to create the design for us but we would do all of the installation ourselves. We hired Leslie to design a low water landscape plan for our front yard. She was a joy to work with and we are so happy with the results. I would most definitely work with Leslie again and highly recommend her!”

Kitty, Willow Glen